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Volume 3 Number 3 

April 1995 

Current European Pop-up Books 

Theo Gielen 

Tony Sarg: Illustrator and Puppeteer 

Michael Mullen 

Though the movable and pop-up book phenomenon 
from the 1 960's on is for the greater part an Anglo 
Saxon business - or maybe it always has been since 
German publishers such as Ernest Nister and Raphael 
Tuck moved to England in the last century to be really 
successful - some European publishers do produce nice 
books of interest to collectors worldwide. 

Most European publishers buy the rights for their 
pop-ups from packagers such as Intervisual Books, 
Sadie Fields Productions. Van der Meer Paper Design. 
Compass Productions. Oyster Books. White Heat 
Design. The Templar Company. Bellew Publishing, 
and others Books from packagers can be found in up 
to ten or fifteen different languages, differing only by 
their cover design which is adapted to local taste. 
Nevertheless there exist some European packagers 
producing interesting movables just for their home 
market. They are identified in this article. In adition, 
some titles from Canada and Mexico may be unknown 
to readers of Movable Stationery until now. 

We will leave out all titles known to be published in 
an English version as well as the very simple fanfolded 
books. Europe knows such books in great numbers too. 
cheaply produced for a mass market and sold in toy- 
shops, drugstores, and department stores. Hardly ever 
collectable, although. Kubasta's books were - and are - 
produced for this market as well! So, if readers are 
interested, we could list them in the next issue. 

Most attractive are reprints of 19th century books 
published by (one of) the original publishers of Lothar 
Meggendorfer. J.F. Schreiber from Esslingen. a rural 
village near Stuttgart in Germany. Apart from titles that 
were once available in English edition, they offer: 
Buffalo Bill 's wilder westen (Buffalo Bill's wild west). 
Originally published in 1891. it is constructed like 
Meggendorfer' s International circus with six fold- 
down panoramic scenes resulting in half a circle. De 
Krippe (the creche), originally published in 1888. has 

continued on page 3 

Let me begin on a personal note, because it may 
strike a chord with you. I first learned of Tony Sarg 
through an interest in the 1939-40 New York World's 
Fair. Sarg produced an illustrated map of the fan. and I 
assumed he was a popular illustrator of the day. 
Knowing him as an illustrator. I was not surprised to 
discover in Movable Stationery that Sarg had created 
mechanical books. I was surprised, once I started 
researching Sarg. to discover that his reputation rests 
on his role in revitalizing the tradition of puppetry in 
the United States as much as on his work an illustrator. 
In her book Tony Sarg: Puppeteer in American, 1915- 
1942, Tamara Robm Hunt wrote: "Sarg's hobby 
(marionette plays) turned into a profession and he 
embarked on a career which gained him a national 
reputation as a puppeteer. He not only popularized 
puppetry as an art but greatly influenced the type of 
puppet performances given in America during the 
decades that followed his own productive years. It is a 
generally accepted fact that in Tony Sarg America 
found the embodiment of a new puppet tradition." As 
we shall see, it was this widespread popularity as a 
puppeteer, combined with his skill as an illustrator, that 
allowed Sarg the opportunity to create books for 
children, most notably Tony Sarg 's surprise book 

Sarg was born in 1880 in Coban. Guatemala. His 
father was a German consul, and his mother an 
Englishwoman. Sarg said that the strongest artistic 
influence on him was his grandmother, who painted. 
She also collected toys, which were willed to Sarg 
when she died. When he was seven the family returned 
to Germany. At fourteen he entered Lichterfelde. a 
German military academy, and at seventeen was 
commissioned a lieutenant. For the next few years. 
Sarg's position was not unlike that of many aspiring 
artists: he found himself pulled more and more towards 
art. and increasingly unwilling to devote himself to a 
military career. Despite his father's attitude that he 
should stick with the military career because so much 
money and time had gone into it. Sarg's desire to be an 

continued on page 2 

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of The Movable Book Society Letters and articles 
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Advertising is accepted free of charge from members 
and is included when space permits. The annual 
membership fee for The Society is $15.00 For more 
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The deadline for the next issue is May 15. 

Tony Sarg continued from page 1 

artist won out. and in 1905 he resigned his commission 
and moved to England. 

Sarg stayed in England for nine years, leaving in 
1914 with the start of World War I. He knew, when 
because of his nationality and his background he was 
asked to resign from clubs he was a member of. that 
more trouble would soon follow, so he sent his wife, an 
American he had met in Germany, and his daughter, to 
Cincinnati to stay with her relatives, and he left 
England for American not long after 

Settling in New York with his family, he started 
over his career as an illustrator. In his favor were his 
skills as an artist, and as a businessman, both of which 
he'd had the opportunity to develop while in England, 
and the fact that he was very likeable. The result. 
according to Hunt, was that. "In America he became a 
national celebrity, a respected artist, and a rich man." 
The first two remained true of his enfrre career, the 
tlurd. unfortunately, did not. While it was said that in 
his more productive years Sarg earned $80,000 
annually, in late 1939 he was forced to declare 

Sarg's initial success in America was a result of his 
illustration work, and he always considered himself 
foremost an illustrator. His first book was The Tony 
Sarg marionette book, published in 192 1 . Written by 
F.J. Mclsaac. and illustrated by Sarg. it was the first 
"how-to" book on marionettes published in the United 
States, and as such was read by children and adults 
alike. It is significant of Sarg's work as a puppeteer 
that he was always willing to share his know ledge with 
others, and did not consider his techniques secrets to be 

The Tony Sarg marionette book was followed by 

manv articles about puppetry, and established Sarg as 
the major authority on puppets. It was an easy step 
from there, given his interest in children, to other items 
for kids. In 1 924 he wrote and illustrated Tony Sarg 's 
book for children from six to sixty. It must have been 
successful, for in the following year Tony Sarg 's 
alphabet book. Tony Sarg 's book of animals, and 
Tony Sarg's wonder zoo were all published. In 1928 
the same publisher. Greeuberg. published Tony Sarg's 
book of tricks, and in 1932. Where is Tommy! 

Sarg would not publish another book until after 
declaring bankruptcy, but when he did he produced 
what many feel is his greatest work: Tony Sarg 's 
surprise book. Published in October 1941. 300.000 
copies of the book were sold by department stores 
before the holiday season had ended. Hunt described 
this book as. "the most historically significant of Sarg"s 
storybooks because the innovative form and novelty- 
items ( including, among others, a lollipop stuck in 
Jack Horner's pie for the plum, scented flowers in Miss 
Man's garden, and rubber bands for strings on Old 
King Cole's bass fiddle) characterized many children's 
books in following years." 

The success of Tony Sarg 's surprise book must 
have been a factor in his decision to create the follow- 
up Tony Sarg 's treasure book, but Sarg. iinfortunatefy. 
did not live to complete the book. On March 8. 1942, 
Sarg died at the age of 62. the result of complications 
following a ruptured appendix After his death. Tony 
Sarg 's treasure book was completed and published, 
but it did not enjoy the success Tony Sarg 's surprise 
book had enjoyed, and most certainly would have been 
a better, more successful book if Sarg has lived to see it 
through publication. 

What we have in Sarg then is someone whose 
talents as an illustrator provided him with the money to 
turn his hobby of puppetry mto a career. As Hunt 
observed. "Between 1925 and 1933 Sarg became 
nationally accepted as America's first puppet master. 
His production techniques were well publicized and his 
performances well attended. His appearance at the 
Chicago World Exposition (the Century of Progress 
world's fan. 1933-34 ) indicated that America at last 
had a puppet tradition, one which he had created and 
developed." His success in puppetry opened additional 
doors for him (a clear sign of the popularity he achiev- 
ed is the fact that his name figures so prominently in 
the titles of his books, there because someone believed 
it would be recognized and help sell books) and allow- 
ed him the opportunity to turn his talents to books for 
children, and in Tony Sarg s surprise book to combine 
his mterest in children with his interest in mechanical 
things to create what must certainly be one of the most 
popular movable books of his time 

Current European pop-up books, continued from page 1 

three fold-down, panoramic baroque Christmas scenes 
The books Am meeresstrand (seaside pleasures) and 
Aufdem lande (country life) are two beautiful peep- 
shows, originally published in 1 896 by Raphael Tuck 
as two separate books and together in one book under 
the title Summer surprises. Pictures of the first title are 
in Haining. pages 40-4 1 and the second one is pictured 
on the title page of Haining 

Schreiber offers a four-room dolTs house Das 
biedermeier spielzeughaus by Hubert and Terese 
Siegmund. representing an impression of an early 1 9th 
century toyshop, workplace and (second floor) the 
living room and the kitchen of the toymakers; and a 
pop-up version of the classic Art Nouveau picture book 
of Sibylle von (Differs. Das wurzelkinder-stehauf-buch 
(the story of root children). 

Schreiber has reprinted in German a number of 
works by Lothar Meggendorfer. Reiseabenteuer des 
malers daumenlang und seines dieners Damian 
{Travels of Little Lord Thumb and his man Damian, 
originally published also in English in 1892. not in 
Montanaro) a very humorous pull-tab book; Nurftir 
brave kinder (just for honest children; originally 1896. 
not in English), a funny book with five dissolving 
pictures with comical effects; Vor dem thore (before 
the towngate. 1 896. not in English), a panorama book 
(not movable) extending to 2,3 meters; Lebendes 
affentheater {The monkey theater, 1893. not in 
Montanaro) with six pull-tab pages; and Lustiges 
automatentheater {Comic actors; 1891. Montanaro, p. 
59) with six marvelous pull-the-tab pages but using 
some of those published before as seen in The genius 
oj ~Lothar Meggendorfer (1985; Montanaro. p. 102). 

Schreiber has books available in German which 
were once available in English. They are welcome 
additions for those who missed them initially and are 
not willing to pay the antiquarian prices of today or. 
positively, like to have the books in their original 
language: Grosse menagerie (published in 1979 by 
Viking as The great menagerie; Montanaro, p. 1 12); 
1m zoologischen garten { as Day in the zoo published 
by Viking in 1980; Montanaro, p. 68); Franz Bonn, 
Theater-bilderbuch {The children 's theater; 
Montanaro. p. 47) and Isabella Braun, Allermeuestes 
theaterbilderbuch {The little actor 's theater, 
Montanaro, p. 157). Meggendorfer reprints available 
in German are: Internationaler circus {International 
circus; Montanaro. p. 170) and Das puppenhaus {The 
doll's house; Montanaro. p. 80). 

For those interested. Schreiber has also produced a 
magnificent reprint on board from a 19th century toy 

theater, with characters, text, and side scenes from 
Sleeping Beauty. Red Riding Hood, and Willem Tell; 
Schreibers Papiertheater. measuring 500 x 750 x 500 
mm. It is complete in a box. reach' to play with, priced 
at Dm 168.00 (ca. $125.00)! 

Another publishing house producing several pop- 
ups not offered in an English version is Coppenrath 
from Minister in Germany. They recently published 
two carousel books by Christian Kainpf: Das 
Weihnachtskarussell (a carousel of Christmas songs). 
which include a miniature book with the text and music 
of the six Christmas songs pictured in the six scenes of 
the carousel; and Ein tag im haus von Sepp der maus 
(a day in the house of Sepp the mouse), with a plush 
mouse head with a bell as a brooch. 

Last Christmas Coppenrath also produced a set of 
six miniature carousels (measuring just 50 x 35 mm!) 
with tags enabling them to be hung on the Christmas 
tree. Illustrated by some young illustrators as Christian 
Kampf and Karin Blume and representing items as 
Santa's workshop, the Christmas market, the manger, 
etc. The titles are: Tiere im schnee, Aufdem 
weihnachtsmarkt, Schneemanns weihnacht. In der 
himmelswerkstatt, Die weihnachtsgeschichte, and Der 
weihnachtsmann. An innovative feature is that the 
covers are magnetic so they hold together when the 
book is opened and there is no need of ties! Little gems 
for any collection. 

Finally. Coppenrath Veriag published an edition 
they announced will not be reprinted: Klein 
wunderbares marchenbuch. a beautiful pop-up book 
illustrated by Pierre Hezard. with elaborate pop-up 
scenes of Sleeping Beauty. Red Riding Hood. 
Goldilocks and the three bears, and Cinderella. The 
book looks like a sequel to Tracey Williamson's 
Fantastic fairy tale pop-up book, but the illustrations 
are more refined and the paper work is more extensive. 

Ravensburger Veriag recently published a new book 
by the Czech artist Kveta Pacovska: Rund und eckig 
(round and angular), a book that plays with forms. 
Again, a marvelous book with pop-ups. lift-the-flaps. 
and die-cut elements like her earlier ones, published in 
English as Midnightplay and One, five, many. Even the 
packing paper the book comes in is specially designed 
by Pacovska. The work of this 1992 H.C. Andersen 
Prize winner (the unofficial "Nobel Prize" for 
children's books) is highly collectable for anyone with 
an eve for book design. And, personally, we think this 
title is one of the most beautiful books published in 
1 994. though the movable parts are rather basic. 

In France there is a series of now five pop-up books 
that has to be mentioned, both for their paper 

engineering and their unusual themes. Published by 
Hatier in Pans, but originating from Alif/Les Editions 
de la Mediterranee. a packager from Tunisia in 
Northern Africa. They are concerned with the history 
of the Mediterranean and Arab world. The titles are: 
L 'Oasis, about fruitful places in the desert; Une Ville 
Arabe, on an Arab city, the old town center of Tunis: 
Carthage, on the history of this Roman city in North- 
ern Africa: 1492 en Mediterranee. on the role of the 
Mediterranean in the Middle Ages as a cross over 
between East and West and its role in the discovery of 
the New World: and finally, Mille et un Nil (thousand 
and one Nile), on the old Egyptian civilization and the 
role of the river Nile in history. Very nice books with 
surprising paperwork throughout and very informative 
texts, if you are able to read French. 

Five nice carousel books have been published by 
Gautier-Languereau from Paris, all presenting 
Becassine, the well-known comic character from the 
beginning of this century, so popular in the trenches of 
the First World War. One carousel of a normal format: 
Les adventures de Becassine and four mini-carousels, 
all done in the bright colors so characteristic of this 
typical French girl. 

Another nice and brightly colored carousel book: 
Bonsoir petit ours brim (goodnight little bear), by the 
well-known illustrator Danielle Bour. is published by 
Bayard Editions from Paris. This publisher has done a 
series of three other good pop-up books by Francois 
Michel, one of which has been published in English as 
The restless Earth (Viking. 1990). The others are: 
Dans le secret des roches (the secret of the rocks), 
kind of a pop-up book on geology: and Le livre anime 
de I eau (the movable book of water), on water in the 
house, the town, the mountains, and under the Earth. 

The publishing house w ith the most pop-up books 
in France surely is Albin Michel from Paris, but almost 
all of their books are co-editions of the known pack- 
agers. Very special, and still available, is Un siecle de 
grandes automobiles (a century of great motor cars), 
the third volume in the series of wonderful pop-ups 
Flight: Great planes of the century by Donald S. 
Lopez (Montanaro. p. 94). and Sailing ships by Alan 
McGowan (Montanaro. p. 268). This third volume has 
never been published in English, just in French and 
Spanish (by Editorial Norma) Truly a must for any 

Albin Michel is a company which rarely remainders 
its titles, so it is still possible to get French editions of 
titles which are no longer available in English. Exam- 
ples of available titles are: Sailing ships (Les bateaux a 
voiles). Flight. iLes avions). Heather Coupers The 
Universe (L T'mvers) and Ron van der Meer's 

Working camera (La photo graphie). For those who 
missed the titles ten years ago! 

Not really movable but three-dimensional is the new 
series of four stereoscopic books by Les Deveniers 
Visuels from Paris, distributed in the U.S. by Cygnus 
Graphics for $10.00 each. Two Utile lenses inserted in 
the cover of the book enable the reader to see the 
pictures in 3-D. Their first titles are: Fleurs en relief 
(3-D flowers). Grottes de goufres en relief (caverns in 
3-D). Rosee en relief ( dew in 3-D), and Paris en relief 
(Paris in 3-D). They are planning 1995 titles on 
orchids, insects. Versailles, and the trenches of the 
First World War. 

The other countries of Europe do not produce 
anything not also available in English, except for the 
simple, fanfolded pop-ups with too sweet illustrations 
done in much yellow . red. and blue. 

For those interested in the books by the Italian 
Bruno Munan (in his eighties now but still going strong 
though not producing very interesting books) can 
contact his publisher: Edrzioni Maunzio Corraini. in 
Mantova. Italy. They still offer some Munari titles from 
the 1960's. 

The countries from Eastern Europe - Russia. 
Czechoslovakia. Hungary - hardly publish any pop-ups 
anymore, for understandable economic reasons. And. 
when they do produce them, they are just simple, 
fanfolded ones (Artia in Prague. Malysh in Moscow . 
Szalontai in Budapest). 

Kubasta reprints have been popping up in recent 
years including those wonderful books with one big 
stand-up scene, published in the 1 960's by Westmin- 
ster Books. These are now apparently done bv a firm 
established by a grandson of Kubasta who died in 
1992 Until now we could not purchase anv titles bv 
simply ordering them. The titles we acquired were 
brought from visits to Prague. The reprints are: How 
Columbus discovered America (Montanaro. p. 128). 
done in 1992 but seen in just German and Dutch 
editions; an untitled Christmas pop-up (not in Montan- 
aro); done in 1991 but the original originating from the 
1 960's as well. (It was recently offered by Aleph-Bet 
Books in their catalogue no. 43. March 1994. item 
number 227 . ) Another untitled one. with an elaborate 
farmyard scene was published by a Czech publisher. 
Fenix from Prague in 1992. It has printed on the back 
in very small letters a title: Farma (not in Montanaro). 
Only the Columbus title has an eight-page booklet 
loosely inserted; neither of the other two have anv text. 

In Scandinavia we just know one highly collectable 
pop-up book which is even published in English: 
Norwegian fairy tales, retold by Sarah Hewetson It 

has very different kinds of paper artwork m the lour 
scenes and the text of the four fain' tales in two book- 
lets packed in a kind of rucksack on the back of the 
robust book. 

To end this enumeration we like to mention British 
titles not yet spotted in Movable Stationeiy: a just 
published carousel book done by BBC Books in 
London. Xoddy 's busy day. a spin-off from the Enid 
Blyton character Three movables published in 
connection with this year's opening of the Channel- 
Tunnel between England and France: Brian Wild- 
smith's The tunnel, a bilingual book in both English 
and French, done with a digging wheel to turn: and two 
booklets be published in April 1 995 by Boxtree from 
London: Off to France and Digging the tunnel. Also 
recently published is the sequel to Christos Kondeatis' 
Old testament book (Simon & Schuster): Scenes from 
the life of Jesus Christ by Studio Editions in London. 
Finally a nice novelty, shaped like a real treasury: 
Ancient Egypt by James Putnam. Being kind of a 
coffret - with a lock - containing a small booklet with 
information on the subject, but. above all. packed up 
with many treasures from old Egyptian times: beads to 
thread, stamps with hieroglyphics, an amulet, a papy- 
rus, puzzles, etc. some of them locked up in a "secret" 
built-in drawer. 

Just published for the Canadian market is another 
gem done by Keith Moseley: Sleeping Beauty and the 
magic castle, which, besides a pop-up book, has on the 
inner side of the back cover a beautiful magic castle 
arising before your very eyes by pulling just one tab. 
The book is constructed in such a clever way that you 
can read the book and stand up the castle at the same 
time. Be sure to get a copy! 

Though not European, nevertheless interesting and 
collectable are two pop-ups published by CEDCLI 
from Mexico: Cristobal Colon (Christopher Colum- 
bus), just published in Spanish (and German but 
already remaindered there) and Splendor of ancient 
America, a pop-up book on pre-Columbian cultures, 
published in an English and Spanish editions, both with 
the same ISB number, so take care when ordering. And 
the first pop-up book by Pangea Editores from Mexico: 

Now. just some notes on where to order for these 
European books. Of course, every big city in Europe 
has its big bookshops with overseas delivery facilities. 
In London, for example. Foyles. or Dillons in Gower 
Street, the most beautiful bookshop in town. Iu Oxford. 
Blackwell. though they don't have many children's 
books in stock. In Cambridge especially Heffers 
Children's Books. In Paris Bebert le Jeune on the 
Boulevard Saint Michel. In Frankfurt Heugendubel: in 

Cologne Gonski. And so on. In the Netherlands there is 
a bookshop specializing, among other thrnss. in pop- 
ups and having in stock always about 200 of highest 
quality. It is Bookshop Erven Bijleveld in Utrecht. 
They send their books worldwide and accept payment 
by credit card. 

See page 9 for addresses of European publishers 

From a 1983 Book Review 

A reviewer in the November 26. 1 983 issue of The 
Economist wrote: "The Victorian fashion for pop-up 
picture books has come back into fashion and created 
the new profession of paper engineers. The most 
handsome one this year is Wind in the Willows... The 
worst one is The human body by Dr Jonathan Miller. 
Graphically drawn and coloured in butcher-shop tones 
the pop-ups are repellent. The much advertised work of 
David Pelham and 'assembled by 80 nimble-fingered 
women in the Andes', this book can be a success only 
if older children are drawn to it for its morbid aspect, 
not for the excellence of the text written by Dr Miller. 

"This is a good example of books designed to attract 
the unbookish, uninformed buyer whom the publishers 
hope to stun by virtuoso displays of some kind: gory 
pop-ups in this case, books by celebrities in others, the 
offer of real treasure hunts, competitions, or simply 
lavish new editions." Obviously the book has been 
purchased by people who don't read reviews! 

Catalogs Recently Received 

Aleph-Bet Books. Inc. Children's books &. Illustrated 
Books. Catalogue 47. 218 Waters Edge. Valley 
Cottage. New York. 10989. 914-268-7410. 

Cattermole. Catalog 23. Contains section on Toy 
Books. 9880 Fairmont Road. Newbury. Ohio 44065. 

Dorothy G. Cook. List #17 - Pop-up & Movable Parts. 
80 Hollins Drive, Santa Cruz, CA. 95060. 408-426- 

Ursula C. Davidson. Books. Catalogue No. 1 1 . 
Contains pop-up and movable books. 134 Linden 
Lane. San Rafael. CA 94901 . 

Mr. Books' Pop-up List #1 1. 9019 N. 51st Ave. 
Glendale. Arizona 85302. 1-800-743-3253. 

Jo Ann Reisler. Ltd. Spring 1995 Offering. 360 
Glvndon St.. N.E. Vienna. VA. 22180. 703-938-2967. 

Questions and Answers 

Q In Pop-up and Movable Books: A bibliography. I 
was unable to identify all of the numbered Random 
House pop-up books issued as series from the 1960s. 
With only a few exceptions. I think this is a complete 
List of the titles in that series. I am interested in 
identifying the missing titles and verifying the accuracy 
of this list. Please fill in the missing titles 

Ann Montanaro 

12 BrunuigRd 

East Brunswick. NJ 08816 

1 . Bennett Cerf's pop-up riddles. 

2. Bennett Cerf's pop-up silliest riddles. 

3 . The pop-up Mother Goose. 

4. Hide and seek. 

5. Bennett Cerf's pop-up limericks. 

6. Animal alphabet. 

7. Pop-up sound alikes . 

8. Pop-up the night before Christmas. 
9 The color book. 

10. The tournament of magic. 

1 1 . liliat do you get? 

12. Left and right. 

13. Babar's games. 

14. The pop-up circus book. 

15. The wishing ring. 

16 The pop-up book of flying machines. 

17. The pop-up biggest book. 

18. Xoah and the ark. 
19 Barbar's moon trip. 

20. Knock, hiock: Jilw 's there? 

2 1 . Stoiv of the nativity. 

23. Going to the hospital. 

24. Pop-up book of boats. 

26. Eric Gurney 's pop-up book of dogs. 

27. Superdooper pop-up counting book. 

28. Eric Gurney 's pop-up book of cats. 

29. Pop-up book of trucks . 

3 1 . Pop-up book of trains. 

32. Pop-up book of cars. 

33. Dinosaurs. 

34. Fann animals. 

35 Star Wars: A pop-up book. 

36. Richard Scarry 's Busylown pop-up book. 

37. Pop-up book of the circus. 

38. Superman. 

39. Wonder Woman. 
40 Buck Rogers. 

41. Star Wars: The Empire strikes back. 


43. Lone Ranger. 

44. Nancy andSluggo. 

45. Return of the Jedi. 

Q. I am looking for information regarding: 

The adventures ofSinbad the sailor. 
Bancroft & Co. Ltd. 
Westminster London 
€1960 Artia Prague 
Printed in Czechoslovakia 

The book has two pop-up illustrations inside the front 
and back covers. The illustration inside the back cover 
has a strip which probably slides up and down within a 
slot. In the copy I have, only part of the strip remains. 
If any reader has a copy of this book and would send 
me a photocopy of the strip I could determine what is 
missing. I would appreciate it. 

Joanne Page 

6529 Abbottswood Dr. 

Rancho Palos Verdes. CA 90275 

New Publications 

The follow ing titles have been identified from pre- 
publication publicity, publisher's catalogs, or adver- 
tising. All titles include pop-ups unless otherwise 

Babette Cole 's cats. Warner Treasures. $4.95. May. 
3 X A x 4 'A . 10 pages. 0-446-91067-8. 

Babette Cole 's dogs. Warner Treasures. $4.95 May. 
3 V 2 x 4 '/: .10 pages. 0-446-91068-6 

Babette Cole 'sfish. Warner Treasures. $4.95 May. 

3 '/ 2 x4 Vz . 10 pages. 0-446-91070-0. 

Babette Cole 's ponies. Warner Treasures. May. 3 14 x 

4 Vi . 10 pages. 0-446-91071-6. 

Baby clown. By T. Dedieu. Hyperion $12.95. May. 10 
pages. 0-7868-0075-5. 

Helping Hector. By Gus Clarke. [Turning wheels and 
lift-the-flaps] Artists & Writers Gudd Books. May 
1995.9x9. 18 pages. 0-307-17517-0. 

Huny home, hungry fi-og. By Carla Dijs. Little Simon. 
June. 7 V 2 x 7 3/4. 12 pages. 0-671-50742-7. 

One to ten pop-up surprises. By Chuck Murphy. Little 
Simon. April. 6 V 2 x 6 V 2 . 10 pages. 0-689-00009-x. 

The pop-up farm . By Rod Campbell. Little Simon 
June. 4 Vz x 4 Vi . 18 pages. 0-689-71834-9. 

Say no, little fish. By Carla Dijs. Little Simon. June. 
7 54x7 3/4. 12 pages. 0-671-50707-9. 

There was a crooked man. Little Simon. June. 
7 1/8x9 1/4". 12 pages. 0-671-89477-3. 

Tyrannosaurus rex: The tyrant king. By John Sibbick. 
Chronicle. June. 12 pages. 12 5/8 x 8 5/8". $14.95. 

Order Information for European Pop-ups 

Buffalo Bill's wilder westen. Schreiber. 1989. 3-215- 
07358-7. 290 x 220 mm. Dm.29.80 (ca.$25.00). 

DieKrippe. Schreiber, 1989. 3-215-07358-7. 250 x 
200 mm. Dm.29.80 (ca.$25.00). 

Am Meeresstrand. Schreiber. 1988. 3-215-06701-3. 
305 x 215 mm. Dm.24.80 (ca.$19.00). 

Aufdem lande. Schreiber, 1988. 3-215-07032-4. 305 
x 215 mm. Dm.24.80 (ca.$19.00). 

Hubert & Terese Siegmund. Das Biedermeier- 
Spielzeughaus . Schreiber. n.d. 3-215-06322-8. 310x 
220 mm. Dm.29.80 (ca.$25.00). 

Sibylle von Olfers. Das wurzelkinder-stehauf-buch. 
Schreiber. 1994. 3-215-11202-7. 290 x210 mm. 
Dm.29.80 (ca.$25.00). 

Lothar Meggendorfer. Reiseabenteuer des malers 
daumenland und seines dieners Damian. Schreiber, 
n.d. 240 x 320 mm. 3-215-06346-8. Dm.29.80 

Lothar Meggendorfer. Nurfiir brave kinder. Schreiber. 
n.d. 215 x 245 mm. Dm.26.80 (ca.$23.50). 

Lothar Meggendorfer. lor dem Thore. Schreiber. n.d. 
300 x 220 mm. Dm.19.80 (ca.$13.00). 

Lothar Meggendorfer. Lebendes affentheater. 
Schreiber. 1993. 3-215-11031-8. Dm.39.80 

Lothar Meggendorfer. Lustiges automatentheater 
Schreiber. 1992. 3-215-1 1164-0. Dm.39.80 

Grosse menagerie. Schreiber. n.d. 3-215-06345-x. 
270 x 215 mm. Dm.29.80 (ca.$25.00). 

Im zoologischen garten. Schreiber. n.d. 3-215-04201- 
0. 260 x 180 mm. Dm.29.80 (ca.$25.00). 

Franz Bonn. Theater-bilderbuch. Schreiber. n.d. 3- 
215-07472-9. 250 x 220 mm. Dm.29.80 (ca.$25.00). 

Isabella Braun. Allemeuestes theaterbilderbuch. 
Schreiber. n.d. 3-215-06347-6. 290 x 220 mm. 
Dm.29.80 (ca.$20.00). 

Lothar Meggendorfer. Internationaler circus. 
Schreiber, n.d. 3-215-04204-5. 260 x 180 mm. 
Dm29.80 (ca.$25.00). 

Lothar Meggendorfer. Das puppenhaus. Schreiber. 
n.d. 3-215-02607-4. 220 x 270 mm. Dm.29.80 

Schreibers papiertheater. Schreiber. n.d. 3-215- 
06741-2. 500 x 750 x 500 mm. Dml68.00 

Christian Kampf. Das weihmachtskarussel. 
Copperenrath Verlag. Minister. 1994. 3-8157-1 156-8. 
205 x 145 mm. Dm.22.80 (ca.$15.00). 

Christian Kampf. Ein tag im haus von Sepp der maus. 
Coppenrath Verlag. Minister. 1994. 3-8157-1156-8 
105 x 145 mm. Dm.22.80 (ca.$15.00). 

Tiere im schnee. Coppenrath Verlag. Miinster. 1994. 
3-8157-1147-9. 50 x 35 mm. Dm.3.90 (ca.$3.00). 

Aufdem weihnachtsmarkt. Coppenrath Verlag. 
Minister. 1994. 3-8157-1 150-9. 50 x 35 mm. Dm.3.90 

Schneemanns weihnacht. Coppenrath Verlag, 
Minister. 1994. 3-8157-1151-7. 50x35 mm. Dm.3.90 

In der Himmelswerkstatt. Coppenrath Verlag, 
Minister, 1994. 3-8157-1 146-0. 50 x 35 mm. Dm.3.90 

Die Weihnachtsgeschichte . Coppenrath Verlag. 
Miinster. 1994. 3-8157-1 149-5. 50 x 35 mm. Dm.3.90 

Der Weihnachtsmann Coppenrath Verlag. Miinster. 
1994. 3-8157-1 147-7. 50 x 35 mm. Dm.3.90 

Mein wunderbares Marchenbuch. Coppenrath Verlag. 
Miinster. 1994. 3-8157-1142-8. 310 x230 mm. 

Kveta Pacovska. Run d und eckig. Ravensburger 
Buchverlag. Ravensburger. 1994. 3-473-33457-x. 300 
x 235 mm. Dm.42.00 (ca.$32.00). 

Kveta Pacovska. Midnightsplay. Picture Book Studio, 
n.p.. 1993. 1-85618-041-7. 340 x220 mm. L19.50 

Kveta Pacovska. One, five, many- Clarion Books. New 
York. 1990. 0-395-54997-3. 270 x 180 mm. $16.95. 

Ridha Najarh. L 'Oasis. Un livre anime. Hatier. Paris. 
1991. 2-218-03173-6. 250 x 250 mm Ffr.128.00 

Une vitle arabe. La medina de Tunis. Un livre anime. 
Hatier. Paris. 1990. 250 x 250 mm. Ffr.128.00 

M. Hassine Fantan, Carthage. Cite phenicienne 
dAfrique. Hatier. Paris. 1992. 2-218-05154-0. 250 x 
250 mm. Ffr.128.00 (ca.$27.50). 

M. Chapoutot-Remadi. 1492 en Mediterranee. Un livre 
anime. Hatier. Paris. 1992. 2-218-04892-2. 250 x 250 
mm. Ffr.128.00 (ca.$27.50). 

Bernard Pierre. Mille et un Nil. Un Ihre anime. Hatier, 
Pans. 1993. 2-218-069687. 250 x 250 mm. Ffr.128.00 

Les aventures de Becassine. Un livre caroussel. 
Gautier-Languereau. Paris. 1994. 2-0 1-3 9046 1-x. 
200x 150 mm. No price 

Becassine fait de sport. Mini-caroussel. Gautier- 
Languereau. Paris, 1994. 2-01-390459-2. Ca.80 x 100 
mm. No price 

Becassine enfant. Mini-caroussel. Gautier-Languereau. 
Paris. 1994. 2-01-390459-2. Ca.80 x 100 mm. No 

Becassine Bebe. Mini-caroussel. Gautier-Languereau. 
Paris. 1994. 2-01-390457-6. Ca.80 x 100 mm. No 

Becassine s amuse. Mini-caroussel. Gautier- 
Languereau. Paris, 1994. 2-01-390460-6. Ca.80 x 100 
mm. No price. 

300 x 220 mm. Ffr. 12.00 (ca.$25.00). 

Francois Michel. Le livre anime de I 'eau. Bayard 
Editions. Pans. 1992. 2-227-70427-6. 300 x 220 mm. 
Ffr. 12.00 (ca.$25.00). 

Keith Moseley. Un siecle de grandes automobiles. Un 
livre anime. Albin Michel. Pans. 1896. 2-226-02428- 
x. 290 x 280 mm. Ffr. 130.00 (ca.$30.00). 

Donald S. Lopez. Les bateaux a voiles. Un livre en 
relief. Albrn Michel. Pans. 1984. 2-226-1 1964- . 290 
x 280 mm. Ffr. 150.00 (ca.$33.00). 

Alan McGowan. Les avians. Un livre en relief. Albin 
Michel. Paris. 1985. 2-226-16325- . 290 x 280 mm. 
Ffr. 160.00 (ca.$35.00). 

Heather Couper. L 'Univers. Un livre anime. Albin 
Michel. Paris. 1985. 2-226-16416- .250 x 250 mm. 
Ffr.200.00 (ca.$40.00). 

Ron van der Meer. La photographie. Un grand guide 
en relief. Albin Michel. Pans. 1986. 2-226-17497- 
.3 10 x 220 mm. Ffr.120.00 (Ca.$25.00). 

Fleurs en relief. Les Devenirs Visuels. Paris, 1994. 2- 
910745-07-4. 130 x 150 mm. Ffr.49.00 (Cygnus 
Graphics. USA. $10.00) 

Grottes et goufi-es en relief. Les Deveniers Visuels, 
Paris. 1994. 2-910745-05-8. 130 x 150 mm. Ffr.49.00 
(ca.$ 10.00). 

Rosee en relief. Les Deveniers Visuels. Paris, 1994. 2- 
910745-04-x. 130 x 150 mm. Ffr.49.00 (ca.$10.00). 

Paris en relief. Les Deveniers Visuels. Paris. 1994. 2- 
910745-00-7. 130 x 150 mm. Ffr.49.00 (ca.$10.00). 

Vojtech Kubasta. Farma. Fenix. Prague. 1992. 80- 
85245-24-8. 325 x 225 mm. No price (inexpensive). 

Sarah Hewetson. Norwegian fairy tales; A pop-up 
book with four fairy tales. Sandviks Bokforlag, 
Stavanger. Norway. 1993. 82-7 106-23 1-x. 295 x 305 
mm. Ca.$37.50. 

Noddy 's busy day. A carousel book. BBC Books. 
London. 1994. 0-563-36877-2. No further details. 

Daniele Bour. Bonsoir petit ours bnm. Un livre 
caroussel. Bayard Editions. Paris. 1993. 2-227-70430- 
6. 200 x 150 mm. Ffr.85.00 (ca.$18.00). 

Bnan Wildsmith. The tunnel Le tunnel. Oxford 
University Press. 1993. 0-19-279962-2. 235 x 235 
mm. L7.99(ca.$15.00). 

Francois Michel. Dans le secret des roches. Livre 
anime. Bavard Editions. Pans. 1989. 2-227-70424-1. 

Off to France. Boxtree. London. 1995. 1-85283-347- 
5. 245 x185 mm L3.99 (ca.$7.50). 

Digging the tunnel. Boxtree. Loudon. 1995 1-85283- 
352-1. 245 \ 185 mm. L3 99 (ca.$7.50). 

Chnstos Kondeatis. Scenes from the life of Jesus 
Christ. Studio Editions. London. 1994. 1-85891-188- 
5.300 x280 mm. L9.99 (ca.$17.50). 

James Putnam. Ancient Egypt. Quarto Children's 
Books. London. 1994. 210 x 180 x 88 mm. No further 

Sleeping Beauty and the magic castle; A pop-up book. 
Tormont Publications. Montreal. 1993. 2-89429-147- 
7. 300 x 220 mm. No price. 

Cristobal Colon. CJDCLI. Mexico. 1990. 958-04- 
0589-1. 280 x 210 mm. No price. 

Francisco Serrano. Splendor of ancient America. 
CIDCLL Mexico. 1992. 968-494-050-5. 280 x 210 
mm. No price. 

Linda Manzanilla. Teotihuacan. Pangea Editores. 
Mexico. 1994 968-6177-63-9. No further details. 

44. Rue la Boetie 
F-75008 Paris 

Bayard Editions 
3. Rue Bayard 
F-75008 Paris 

Albin Michel 
22. Rue Huygens 
F-750 14 Paris 

Les Devenirs Visuels 

56. Rue de Faubourg Poissonniere 

F-75010 Paris 


Edizione Maurizio Corraini 
Via Madonna della Vittoria, 5 
1-46100 Mantova 

Publisher Address - USA 

Warner Treasures. 
A trademark of Warner Books. Inc. 
A Tune Warner Company 
1271 Avenue of the Americas 
New York. New York 10020 

R. Kubasta & GPS 
Vltavska 2 
Prague 5 

Fenix. Podnik Cssd 
Hybernska 7 

Publisher's Addresses - Europe 

Verlag J.F. Schreiber 
Postfach 285 
D-7300 Esshngen 

Coppenrath Verlag 
Martinistrasse 2 
D-48143 Munster 

Ravensburger Verlag 
Postfach I860 

Hatier Editions 
8. Rue d'Assas 
F-75278 Paris 

Sandviks Bokforlag 
Sverdrupsgate 23 
N-4007 Stavanger 

BBC Books 
80 Wood Lane 
London W12 OTT 

Oxford University Press 
Walton Street 
Oxford OX2 6DP 

Boxtree Ltd. 
Tavistock 36 
London WC2 7PB 

Studio Editions 
Princess House 
50. Eastcastle Street 
Loudon WIN 7AP 


Av.Mexico. 145-601 

Col del Carmen. Coyoacan 

Mexico D.F. C.P. 04100 

Pangea Editores 
Periferico Sur 3453-601 
Col San Jeronimo 
10200 Mexico 


1 13-119 Channg Cross Road 

London WC2H OEB 


Librairie Bebert/Bebert le Jeune 
Boulevard Saint Michel 
F-750 12 Paris 

Buchhandlung Hugendubel 
Grosse Bockenhermerstrasse 
D-60598 Frankfurt 

Buchhandlung Gonski 
5000 Koln 1 

Boekhandle Bijleveld 
Janskerhof 7 
NL-3512BK Utrecht 
The Netherlands 


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